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Best LeaguePlay this retro Italian league soccer game, a remake of an old school arcade footie.

Use the arrow keys to move the player, X to do a pass, C to shoot, V to dribble.
Penalty 10Penalty 10
A simple penalty shooting soccer game. Just click in the goal and try to score as much goals as possible out of ten shots.
Crossbar ChallengeCrossbar Challenge
Can you hit the crossbar from the halfway line in this tricky soccergame? Play for one of the top clubs, make allowances for the wind, and kick...
Penalty VillagePenalty Village
A basic but fun soccer penalty shooting game on the beach. Give lessonsa to the goalie and show him who's the boss.
2014 Soccer World Cup2014 Soccer World Cup
Take free kicks and collect stars as you try to score goals. Set your shot's direction, angle, height and power before you take the shot. The g...
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